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Building computer networks(light)

It is common sense to know of the development of information technology. This development, however, results int he increasing number of users of the modern technology.
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About This Course

Network architectures; network topologies, transmission media, analogue and digital transmission, encryption procedures and coding systems; Medium access Control implementation (aLOHa, CsMa / Cd and Token ring); The isO Osi reference model and characterization of the layers; details of the TCP / iP model; The structure of isdn and isdn interfaces; Channel allocation methods and channel monitoring; The iEEE 802.3, 802.5, 802.1x.Etc. and Ethernet standards; Optical fibre networks and Fddi; data link layer traffic control (frames and swivel-window protocols); network layer routing algorithms (shortest way, more centralized - distributed and hierarchical); inter-network cooperation; network layer protocols (X.25 and iP); abstract data structures of the presentation layer; network security, encryption, access lists and firewalls and serverside implementation; basic router configurations; switching; router configuration, security issues, monitoring and logging networks.


user computer knowledge, knowledge of operation systems, basic network knowledge.

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