Programming in C++

This course will introduce you to programming in C++. The elements of the language are presented based on a single graph model, and the course gives practising programs separately beside this.
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About this course


  • to introduce the C++ programming language to those who have prior C programming language knowledge,
  • to introduce the Code::Blocks program development environment,
  • to familiarize with programming methodology and toolkit of object oriented programming ,
  • to help the student in acquirement of material with exercise programs and test questions.


  • The Code::Blocks program development environment.
  • Non object oriented properties of C++.
  • The foundaments of object oriented programming in C++, object oriented modelling.
  • The class type. Data members and member functions.
  • The working of the class: constructor, destructor, set, get functions, general member functions.
  • Inheritance of properties in C++. Classes, instances.
  • Class access levels. Function polymorphism.
  • Virtual member functions. Multiple inheritance.
  • Relatives, friends in inheritance.
  • Assigning new functionalities to operators.
  • Handling and assignments of objects having dinamically allocated data members.


The acquirement of the material for students having prior C programming experience is easier, but students having knowledge of other object oriented programming languages also may apply to course.

Course staff

Dr. László Dudás

Dr. László Dudás

László Dudás is Associate Professor and Head of the Institutional Department of Information Engineering of the University of Miskolc, Hungary. He received an MSc degree in manufacturing engineering, specialisation in system organization from the University of Miskolc in 1980, and a PhD degree in Engineering Science as a scholar of Hungarian Scientific Academy in 1992. For his scientific and educational work he has received the “Signum Aureum Facultatis” medal of University of Miskolc. He is the owner of three inventions and has published more than 80 articles in scientific journals and conference proceedings. His research interests include symbolic algebraic computation, pattern matching, computer graphics and modelling of connection of conjugate surfaces. Dr. Dudás is a member of the editorial board of the Production Systems and Information Engineering Proceedings.

Gusztáv Bálint

Gusztáv Bálint

Gusztáv Bálint is polytechnic teacher, he earned his university degree in teaching of mathematics, phisics, informatics. He has more then ten years practice in teaching informatics, including C and C++ programming languages.


How much does the course cost?

Nothing, the course is free.

Do I need to buy any handbook?

You don't have to buy, the tests of the course are based on the course material. But the book that may help the self-directed learning can be downloaded from the next link:

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    Nov 12, 2015
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    Nov 30, 2015
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