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Information and Communication Technologies

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About This Course

The course let's you glimpse into the basics of today's ICT: how the computer works, and how to use the internet and the basic office applications.

With the help of the material, you get to know how your computer is put togather and how it works. You'll use the internet more consciously, learn the usage of a cloud-based storage place and get basic proficiecy in word processing, spreadsheet handling, presentation creating, image and video editing.


Taking the course does not require any previous knowledge: it is in itself an introduction to ICT.

Course Staff

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László Smid

László is teaching at the University of Miskolc since 1998. His subjects are around programming and the structure of the computer: the basics of programming, object oriented programming, software development, operating systems, computer architectures.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a textbook?

No, every information you need is included in the course!