Numerical Methods and Optimization II.

The course Numerical Methods and Optimization II aims to extend the course Numerical Methods and Optimization I by Dr. Attila Körei and Zsolt Karácsony.
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About This Course

Numerical analysis can be defined as ”the study of methods and procedures used to obtain approximate solutions to mathematical problems.” This definition does pinpoint some of the key issues in numerical analysis, namely, approximate solution (there is usually no reasonable hope of obtaining the exact solution); mathematical problems; the study of methods and procedures. Among others the materials to be covered during the course are as follows: The eigenvalue-eigenvector problem. The power method, QR method. Interpolation. Lagrange interpolation, spline functions. Least squares approximation. Numerical derivation and integration. Numerical solution of nonlinear equations. Nonlinear optimization: finite dimensional constrained and unconstrained optimization.

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Course Staff

Nutefe Kwami Agbeko

Mathematician, associate professor, University of Miskolc

Attila Házy

Mathematician, associate professor, University of Miskolc