Business communication

The aim of this course to be confident in business communication situation. Students can be able to analyze communication situations and audiences to communicate and deliver messages.
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About this course

Welcome everyone to the Business Communication course. Let me try to briefly summarize the purpose and motivation of the course, what competences and knowledge you can gain with it, and why it is necessary to acquire this knowledge. The curriculum includes theoretical knowledge and a lot of practical examples to make the course material easier to learn for students.

During the course, students will learn about the tools of accurate communication and effective self-management. It will be possible to understand and use properly the technical communication both orally and in writing. To represent the company in negotiations it is essential to use the communication toolbar with taking into account the negotiation techniques and business rules. In business negotiations the following points are essential: convincing representation of the professional positions; accurate and trustworthy communication; argumentation techniques; knowledge, use and representation of professional argumentation. I would like to help aquire these competencies with the curriculum. Within companies communication also plays an important role in case of cooperation with colleagues, customers and clients. Effective use of communication tools opens possibility to build new business relationships. The curriculum helps students feel at home in the written communication etiquette.

The main objective of the course is to familiarize yourself with the terms and methods of successful business communication, and to learn the effective use of them. I would like to emphasize that the course can be useful for all who consider it important to be able to act confidently in business life or in negotiations, and to manage the reactions of their partners effectively.

First, we get to know the basics of communication. During the course it is important to discuss both verbal and non-verbal communication. It is essential to recognize the different communication situations in business practice. Requirements for form and content of written communicatio is also a larger part of the material. The written forms of business communication towards the partners, such as writing business letters have requirements, as well. Implementation of effective negotiation skills and eye-catching application methods of presentation tools for the audience are also part of the curriculum.

I hope you find the course useful and I wish you successful preparation and learning!


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Course staff

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Anett Tóth Kiss

Assistant lecturer of University of Miskolc Department of Management Sciences. She has been working at University since 2006 and participate teaching business communication.