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Database Systems and Applications

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Problems of data processing and the essence of database thinking; architecture of data- base systems, database administrator and user groups; Levels of database design, data inde- pendence; data modelling strategies; The Er model and schema design tools; The relational model, its practical issues; Functional depend- encies, normalization and normal forms; data definition (ddL) and data manipulation (dML) language skills; relational data model manipu- lation; relational algebra and relational calculus; The sQL database language; some theoretical issues and actual problems of data modelling; Functional dependencies realization; Embed- ded models; sQL-based client programming and basics of JdbC, PL / sQL programming fun- damentals; introduction to a specific database management system; analysing and solving economic problems; Creating databases by data modelling tools and normalizing.




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    Sep 25, 2017
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    Jan 01, 2020
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